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Attractions in Lonavala India
·         Bhaja Caves : These ancient Buddhist caves located in Lonavala are one of the main attractions at the hill station, you just can’t miss them.
·         Karla Caves: These are among the largest cave temples in the whole of india. These caves were hand carved by the Buddhist nuns
·         Lohagad fort: This fort was widely used by Chhatrapati shivaji during the Maratha battles with the mughals. The name of the fort implies that it was a fort as strong such as the one made from Iron and hence the name Lohagad.
·         The bushy dam – One of the finest picnic spots in Lonavala, bushy dam is a spot less known to the travelers outside of Maharashtra. A day here can be worthwhile the time spent as the place has a lot to offer to the visitors.
·         The monsoon lake – Lonavala Lake which is also known as the monsoon lake is a popular attraction as the lake fills up during the rainy season and freezes out during the winters.
·         Scorpion’s sting : This spot is known especially for its geographical shape as it resembles a scorpion’s sting. The spot is well known among the tourists.
How to reach
                The distances:
                Pune to Lonavala – 64 km
Mumbai to Lonavala – 88 km
 Hyderabad to Lonavala – 623 km
Ahmedabad to Lonavala – 657 km
Nagpur to Lonavala – 896 km
Nearest Airport : Pune 
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