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Feroz Shah Kotla – One can find the remains of the fifth city of Delhi, the Famous Ferozabad, at the Feroz shah Kotla near Bahadur shah Zafar marg amidst New and Old Delhi. The Fort of Feroz Shah at Kotla was built by Feroz Shah Tuglaq in the year 1354. The ruins of a well and a Masjid are also visible at the fort. The Mughal king was a great Builder and as a result the Feroz shah fort is full of beautiful places like gardens, palaces and mosques. The area of Tughlaqabad was facing the problem of water scarcity and this led the Mughals to shift towards a more prosperous area of Mehrauli.
But as moving the whole province so far was not feasible, a new city of Ferozabad was built to fight the water problems at the banks of Yamuna (Kalindi) river. The famous fort of Kotla was the inner core fort of Ferozabad which was constructed like a Windsor, it had many beautiful palaces and madresa as well as Masjids which were flaunting the beauty of the city.
In the modern times, the Feroz shah Kotla cricket stadium is famous for its historical matches and the great stadium facilities at Delhi. Anil Kumble took his 10 wickets haul at the cricket ground Feroz shah kotla and the ground is also the host to the Delhi Daredevils IPL team.



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